Great Locations for Opening New Pubs in Canada

When you are considering opening a pub, location can mean everything.

Best Locations for Pub Style Establishments

The best location to open a pub-style establishment is in the business district, where there is a constant flow of people. This allows local businesses to have lunch or dinner there. Businesses that are open to the public also draw a higher level of traffic to the area.

IT Businesses

If your pub is located close to an IT or online casino company, you can network with these companies. You can offer to promote their mobile casino platforms in exchange for them promoting your pub business. Employees may also frequent your pub as customers.

Downtown Core in Major Cities

Although you may pay more rent in a prime location like the downtown core in major cities, it may be well worth it. Many of the younger generations prefer to frequent downtown locations as there are options to visit other pubs and clubs closeby. Also, many of the major cities downtown core attracts a lot of tourism. This presents a host of opportunities for increasing business.

Writing a Business Plan for a Pub Startup

Step 1

Decide what qualifications and experience you have in the pub business. Also, do the same with anyone you may consider as a manager or other employee of the business.

Step 2

Research your market and customer base. Check out other pubs in the area to see how well their business is doing and what they have to offer.

Step 3

SWOT analysis. This is where you would measure the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the location you are deciding on. Identify all factors that fall into these categories.

Step 4 to Step 10

Following these remaining steps for a great business plan:

4. Competition

5. Strategic Plan

6. Customer Service

7. Investment Opportunities

8. Delivery of the Proposed Offer

9. Pertinent Details

10. Financial Forecasts