Family Restaurants in Canada

There are many family-friendly restaurants throughout Canada. Some even cater for children. Taking the family out for a meal can be a joyous event. Below are some family-friendly restaurants that you may want to consider visiting.

Boston Pizza

Boston Pizza is a chain of restaurants located throughout Canada. Their menu caters to both adults and children. This includes children portions of regular menu items and Shirley Temple beverages. The kids can enjoy the Boston Pizza gummy worms and chocolate pudding dessert.

Pizza Hut

What family doesn’t enjoy going out for a pizza meal? Pizza Hut offers a create your own pizza option, so kids feel like they made their own pizza with their favourite toppings. While the kids are enjoying pizza, adults can select from wings and pasta dishes.


MacDonalds is one of the most popular family-friendly restaurants. Most of these chains include indoor playlands so adults can sit and enjoy conversation while the kids play. Their menu has many kid’s meal options and even includes toys.

The Original Pancake House – Winnipeg, Manitoba

There are 3 Original Pancake Houses in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Kids can enjoy happy face pancakes. The original pancake house has been in business for over 50 years. They even have a front counter where parents can buy their kids stuffed animals and other novelty toys. All-day breakfast is served with gluten-free options.

Huntsville, Muskoka

When spending time in Huntsville, Muskoka, be sure to visit the Family Place Restaurant & Pizza restaurant. This restaurant offers an array of meals to suit every member of the family. Liver and onions is a popular choice for the adults.

La Banquise

La Banquise is located in Montreal, Quebec. It is open 24 hours and is famously known for its poutine menu. They also offer a variety of other menu options and unique sides such as corn, pineapple and green peas.