Relaxing at a Pub

Many people that live alone enjoy the ambiance of having a few drinks or a meal in a pub. Activities When dining in a pub alone, many people choose to read or use their tablet or laptop while eating. This is a great time to catch up on news and current events. Online Gaming Why … [Read more…]

Family Restaurants in Canada

There are many family-friendly restaurants throughout Canada. Some even cater for children. Taking the family out for a meal can be a joyous event. Below are some family-friendly restaurants that you may want to consider visiting. Boston Pizza Boston Pizza is a chain of restaurants located throughout Canada. Their menu caters to both adults and … [Read more…]

Fine Dining in Canada

Aside from bars, pubs and family restaurants, there is an abundance of fine dining establishments throughout Canada. Facts Fine dining restaurants are a little on the pricier side due to the fact they offer many high-end foods. These types of restaurants may provide additional services such as valet parking and sommeliers. The sommeliers can offer … [Read more…]

Types of Restaurants in Canada

Canada is a very multi-cultural country and for that reason, there are many types of restaurants that cater to certain cultural groups. Indian Cuisine Indian cuisine is famously known for the use of curry spice. Other foods native to India are: Tandoori chicken Butter chicken Biriyani dishes Coconut Rice Black Lentils Chicken tikka masala Red … [Read more…]

Pub and Bar Foods in Canada

There are various types of foods offered at pubs and bars in Canada. Some establishments are iconic for certain food items on their menu. Common Bar Foods Many bars and pubs offer common types of food on their menus. Some of the most popular ones are: Chicken Wings Chicken Tenders Nachos French Fries Burgers Pizza … [Read more…]

Sports Pubs in Canada

Sports pubs are a huge attraction in Canada. This is especially true during the hockey season. What is a Sports Pub? A sports pub is an establishment that is geared towards watching sporting events while having food and drinks. Many sports pubs contain a lot of large-screened televisions for their patrons to watch various sporting … [Read more…]

Irish Pubs in Canada

There are many iconic pubs across Canada and many of them happen to be Irish pubs. Below are some of the great ones you must visit if you get the chance. The Aulde Dubliner This great Irish pub is located in Ottawa, Ontario. The interior of the pub sports Irish authenticity as their tables and … [Read more…]

About Our Blogs

The blogs on our website are intended to provide you with information about pubs, bars and restaurants in Canada. We hope you find the information helpful. Contents Here you will find topics and articles regarding great eateries which are located throughout Canada. You will also receive some information which may be helpful if you are … [Read more…]